About me

Me on my Ribeye taken in August 2020


Where do I start?
Well I was born in 1971 so I am either approaching 50 or may have hit the 50 by the time you read this. As a child I grew up in a normal family with 2 brothers in The Midlands, UK. I have always been interested in anything with an engine even from boats to cars and then to trucks. I have pretty much worked in the motor trade one way or another since leaving school although I have had a number other “sideline job” over the years such as being a chef although not a very good one, bar work and a short stint at being a repo man doing repossessions with my big brother.

In the 1970’s.
My early years I lived in Marston Green on the outskirts of Birmingham although we moved away from there just before my 6th Birthday to Shirley in the Borough of Solihull where I had a fantastic childhood.

The 1980’s
I met my first real friend in the 70’s but in the 80’s was when we really started to have some fun. James St Clare Jones and I got up to all sorts of trouble throughout the 80’s but all in all we had a great time and no one was really hurt. Lee Bennett joined the duo throughout a lot of the school days but as we moved in the teenage years, whilst we remained friends, this was diluted as we had a very big pool of friends and we all got on very well most of the time. There were too many people to list all the friends on here but one close friend throughout the 80’s was Matthew Witterick who sadly died in his 30’s from Asbestosis and we will always hold many fond memories of him.



The story will continue ..